Bisnis Mobil Bekas, Mengapa?

Apakah Anda berencana membangun bisnis dalam waktu dekat? Sudah mendapatkan ide untuk bisnis yang Anda jalankan? Anda bisa memanfaatkan internet, majalah, koran, atau lingkungan sekitar Anda sebagai sumber untuk mendapatkan ide bisnis. Jika tidak, bagaimana kalau Anda bisnis Mobil Bekas? Mengapa? Apa alasannya? Lihat informasi lengkapnya di bawah.

bisnis mobil bekasKeuntungan menggiurkan

Bisa dikatakan bisnis mobil bekas menjadi salah satu di antaranya banyak bisnis yang menawarkan keuntungan cukup menjanjikan. Tidak percaya? Dilansir dari salah satu situs, pebisnis mobil bekas mampu mendapatkan keuntungan lebih kurang 1 juta rupiah untuk setiap unit mobil. Coba bayangkan jika Anda mampu menjual 10 unit mobil? Uang 10 juta rupiah sudah bisa anda genggam. Menggiurkan bukan?

Banyak peminat

Dikatakan menjanjikan, tidak lain karena bisnis mobil bekas memiliki banyak peminatnya. Perlu Anda ketahui, tidak hanya mereka dari kalangan menengah bawah yang memilih membeli mobil bekas tetapi juga mereka dari kalangan menengah atas pun tertarik untuk beli mobil bekas. Salah satu alasan yang sebagian mereka lontarkan adalah  desain mobil bekas terkadang unik, klasik, dan jarang ditemukan sehingga menarik bila dijadikan rentetan barang koleksi.

Minim pesaing

Selain daripada itu, dengan menggeluti bisnis ini Anda tidak begitu banyak menemukan banyak pesaing. Mengapa? Alasannya tidak lain karena bisnis mobil bekas memerlukan keterampilan khusus yang mengetahui seluk beluk dunia mobil. Selain daripada itu, untuk dapat menggeluti bisnis mobil bekas juga memerlukan modal yang tidak sedikit.

Bagaimana Anda tertarik menggeluti bisnis mobil bekas? Kalau begitu, pastikan bahwa Anda memilih lokasi yang strategis, merek mobil yang banyak diminati, dan ketahui kelengkapan surat mobil bekas yang akan Anda tawarkan.

Cara Mengurangi Pemanasan Global

Pemanasan global merupakan suatu kondisi dimana meningkatkan suhu mulai dari atmosfir, laut, dan daratan sehingga akan memicu berbagai bencana. Apa saja? Seperti halnya kebakaran hutan, es di kutub meleleh, permukaan air laut yang meninggi, persebaran penyakit, meningkatnya kekeringan, melemahnya mata uang, dan lain sebagainya.

Mengingat dampak yang ditimbulkan dari pemanasan global begitu menghawatirkan karena menganggu kelangsungan hidup manusia, sudah sepatutnya kita berupaya untuk dapat mengurangi terjadinya pemanasan global itu sendiri. Sebelum Anda memerintahkan orang lain, pastikan Anda terlebih dahulu melakukan upayanya. Apa yang bisa dilakukan?

Mengurangi Pemanasan Global2Perbanyak menanam pohon

Langkah yang harus Anda lakukan untuk dapat mengurangi pemanasan global adalah dengan menghijaukan bumi. Bagaimana caranya? Dengan memperbanyak menanam pohon bukan dengan menebangnya.

Paling tidak Anda aplikasikan aktifitas ini mulai dari rumah dan lingkungan sekitar Anda. Selain dapat mengurangi pemanasan global, banyaknya pepohonan tidak hanya membuat lingkungan menjadi lebih sejuk tetapi juga mampu menghindari bencana banjir dan longsor.

Bijak dalam penggunaan listrik

Bijak dalam penggunaan listrik merupakan langkah sederhana yang bisa Anda lakukan untuk mengurangi pemanasan global. Selain dengan menggunakan listrik seperlunya dan mematikan listrik ketika tidak digunakan, cara lain yang bisa Anda lakukan adalah dengan menggunakan lampu hemat energy seperti halnya lampu LED.

Kurangi penggunaan kendaraan bermotor

Langkah lain yang bisa dilakukan adalah dengan cara mengurangi penggunaan kendaraan bermotor. Memang kendaraan bermotor memudahkan Anda untuk mencapai tempat kerja, sekolah, kampus, restoran, atau tempat lain yang akan Anda kunjungi, namun hal ini pada akhirnya akan mengganggu keseimbangan lingkungan.

Lantas bagaimana caranya? Dengan menggunakan sepeda atau berjalan kaki. Selain lebih sehat, cara ini sedikit banyaknya dapat mengurangi pemanasan global.

While Operating an Internet Store Don’t Do These

Today, several traditional store-owners grow their organization to internet. They assume that using this method, they are able to achieve bigger industry and obtain more revenue. In order that they produce tiny to no-sale in any way sadly, some homeowners don’t find out about opposition and process. Prevent performing a number of things below and you’ve for more information about online-business, in case you are one of these:

online business bProvide marketing and discount with intricate specifications. Much like marketing, discount and traditional organization are essential elements to generate clients enthusiastic about acquiring your goods. Be sure you prevent supplying advertising and discount with complex specifications.

Ignore visiting with SEO company. Several web store homeowners make an effort to enhance their web store website themselves without visiting with certified and skilled SEO company. Once you learn precisely how to boost your internet site nicely this is simply not a challenge. Nonetheless, should you don’t have superior SEO information, it is a huge dilemma that will produce your website punished by Google.

Design website when you like. Since it makes buyers bewildered of directing on your own website when you like never style site by the addition of unnecessary and several snapshot animations movies. Besides, this makes your website load slowly. Contemplate employing economical professional web site design companies, like Cakra Studio.

Benefits of Choosing Boarding University

benefits aAre you confused of choosing either common or boarding university? If you are, consider choosing boarding university. Why? You can get new experience and become independent if you study at university that is equipped with dormitory. Besides, there are many other benefits that you can get, such as:

Getting new friends fast. There are three or four students who will live one room together with you. This means that you can make them be your first friends at university. They might have different culture and language, but it does not matter as long as you show your kind, you can build new friendship with them. What if they put themselves away from you or don’t want to build relationship with you? Be patient and look for other friends.

Avoiding coming late to class. Dormitory is located near university. You might just need to spend 5 minutes to reach your campus. This is so useful because you will never come late to class. In contrast, if you choose to stay at homestay or boarding house that is located enough far away from university, there is a big possibility for you to come late.

In addition, staying at dormitory makes you keep focus on studying. You might never think to spend most of your free time to have fun if you stay at dormitory. All your friends might also do the same things, so you will fall behind from them if you are lazy to study.

Well, do you still doubt to choose boarding university?

Want to Become a Model?

ModelAre you interested in modeling? Do you want to become a supermodel? Model is a professional that requires someone to appear on media, like TV and magazine, to display fashion items, such as clothes, shoes, bags, and so on. Becoming a model may seem difficult, but it’s possible. Listed here are some basic essentials everyone needs to be a model:

Physically attractive

Models are always physically attractive because they have to appear in public. An ideal body with the appropriate height and weight is the basic requirement. Therefore, if you really want to pursue this career, looking after your body well is a must. Maintain your diet and get enough rest. Getting more exercises and getting some beauty treatments are also crucial. If you have trouble with your body height, visit to know how to increase it.


Being photogenic means a person looks good in photographs or visual media. Yes, it is a must because models will show up to catch public attention. They need to have good poses and styles in photographs. Don’t be afraid of this requirement because a new model will be trained first. Sooner or later, a model will be accustomed to it and become a photogenic person in front of cameras.

Intelligent and professional

Actually, being a model is not all about physical looks. Someone must be intelligent, professional, discipline, and active to be a great model. Modeling agencies will surely pay attention to potential model’s attitude, intelligence, and professionalism because these criteria will bring impacts to the agency and the model’s career.

Why Does Pilot College Close?

Combined with the growing interest in pilots and also the growing curiosity of the city to become pilot, flying school likewise continue to arise actually grown. But sadly, not all pilot schools contend with rivals and may maintain their lifestyle. How come that? Since the college can be involved pilots compelled or compelled to disband this is because not. What can cause it?

Pilot School8The more the possible lack of student pilots. Pupil pilots or pupils could be referred to as an item in a production organization. Well, once the item is unquestionably not possessed from the organization’s procedures might be affected, isn’t it? Just like the pilot college, the way the college when there are no advantage pupils. Since this really is brought on by a number of things generally speaking, the possible lack of attention the potential student pilots to understand in college can be involved.

  • The increase of incidents that happen. It may be due to the increase of a collision that happened once the pilot flight instruction college under consideration. It really might create a potential student pilots concern.
  • Instruction plane is just a main service within the pilot colleges. Therefore, once the plane pilot training college possessed or virtually insufficient in quantity doesn’t fit the amount of pupils it’ll decrease potential student pilots to obtain training in these colleges.
  • The high expenses provided. Price is unquestionably an extremely substantial concern for potential student pilots. Based on them, “If you are able to still obtain the provide an inexpensive, you will want to?”. Therefore, when potential students discover no pilot colleges that provide pricey price isn’t probable he’ll find additional pilot schools are cheaper.

Bad economic management. It creates the pilot schools were compelled or compelled to disband isn’t in a position to handle finances properly. Might have accumulated more debt brief or long haul, it may be because of misappropriation of resources, approximately forth.


Pertimbangkan Hal-Hal Ini Jika Ingin Membuka Bisnis di Luar Negeri

business fApakah bisnis Anda berjalan lancar? Jika iya, apakah Anda berencana untuk memperluas bisnis di luar negeri? Secara teknis, banyak pengusaha yang ingin bisnisnya bisa go internasional karena mereka ingin memperkenalkan dan mempromosikan produk/jasa ke pasar yang baru di negara yang baru. Hal ini tidak mudah untuk dilakukan, oleh sebab itu, jika Anda tertarik untuk membuka bisnis di luar negeri, pertimbangkan hal-hal di bawah ini terlebih dahulu.

Negara tujuan

Memperluas bisnis luar negeri mirip seperti berencana untuk pergi berlibur ke luar negeri yang mengharuskan Anda untuk memilih negara tujuan dengan hati-hati. Pilih negara potensial yang memiliki karakter yang sama dengan yang saat ini sehingga kebutuhan pelanggan cukup mirip.

Peraturan pemerintah

Anda tidak bisa membuka usaha baru di luar negeri tanpa mengetahui peraturan di negara tujuan karena setiap negara menerapkan peraturan yang berbeda. Jadi, sebelum Anda melakukan tindakan lebih lanjut, hubungi relasi Anda di negara tujuan yang memahami tentang peraturan pemerintah dengan baik. Setelah itu, ketahui apa yang harus dilakukan dan apa yang harus dihindari ketika menjalankan bisnis.


Untuk dapat bersaing dengan produk lokal, perusahaan harus memberikan produk/jasa dengan kualitas yang lebih baik dan harga yang lebih rendah. Apakah mungkin untuk dicapai, terutama jika tarif pajak untuk pengusaha asing berbeda dari tarif untuk pengusaha lokal? Jika Anda tidak memasukkan pajak ke dalam perhitungan awal, bersiaplah terkejut ketika menyadari bahwa Anda mungkin hanya mendapatkan sedikit keuntungan. Btw, jika Anda ingin menghindari membayar pajak kepada pemerintah lokal, Anda dapat mencoba untuk membuka sebuah perusahaan lepas pantai.

Some Recommended Tourism Places in South Asia

There are many tourism places in South Asia that are favored by many tourists who come from Europe and America. They can taste unique and traditional foods, learn traditional dances, take exotic pictures, surf, and do other fun things. Do you plan to go on South Asia, but you are confused of choosing good tourism places? If you do, consider visiting some recommended places below:ubud g

Ubud, Bali. As you probably know, Bali is a wonderful island in Indonesia. There are many amazing and interesting spots that you can visit there. One of them is Ubud. This is a peace and comfortable city. There is no hustle there, so you can feel natural nuance and get comfort there. Besides, you can learn Balinese arts, like painting, carving, dancing, and weaving if needed.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia. This is a religious building that was ever used as film location of Mortal Combat and Tomb Raider. Angkor Wat was built as worship place. It is located far away from downtown of Cambodia, so when visiting this place, you will feel past and peace atmosphere.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. This is a beautiful and exotic bay with green Laguna. There are a lot of high and big lime stones that decorate this place, so it looks fantastic. Local people believe that those lime stones are jades and jewelries regurgitated by dragon. The dragon did that because it was asked by God to protect Vietnam that was attacked by colonizers. Believe it or not, Ha Long Bay is a tourism place to visit when going on vacation to Vietnam.

Advantages of Participative Leadership for Workers

Democratic Leadership2Running a business, you will find mainly four management styles: democratic, authoritarian, paternalistic, and laissez-flame. The majority of us clearly concur that democratic leadership model which can be also more referred to as participative leadership may be the most efficient one, right? That’s since it provides the three advantages bellow for workers:

  1. Experience valued. They’ll feel valued without a doubt, since independence is got by workers convey their reasons on any business problem and to provide involvement. Understanding is essential to create workers feel enthusiastic and useful at the office. There’s no working under great pressure since workers don’t get understanding from superiors. Moreover, understanding in democratic management becomes a proof that employers treat workers fairly too.
  2. Take Part In decision making. Democratic management enables staff to take part in making the decision regarding to company problems. Get the following motion and the commanders require the info from workers to help make the correct choice. Workers may take advantage of this being that they are in a position to provide views and convey their ideas. Because commanders might consider centered on employees’ views too your decision isn’t just on one-hand. The more participation from team members, stronger the greater and the teamwork is.
  3. Be very motivated. Additionally, you are able to inspire yourself by employed in a business that uses democratic management. By participating you and other employees in just about any possible scenario your company offers determination and assistance. He/she directs one likewise produce favorable conditions at work, develop your consciousness, and to execute the position.

Democratic leadership is just a really efficient leadership model that may benefit both workers and leaders, in conclusion.

Long Distance Relationship Tips

Long Distance RelationshipContinuing the relationship to the level of marriage, surely everyone wants it. But in reality, not everyone can make it happen. Not only is caused by a third party, but also a long distance relationship can sometimes be a trigger.

Want to keep your relationship and your partner lasting though separated by city, region, county, or state? If so, it would not hurt if you do the following a few simple tips:

Keep communication

The most important thing you must do is to keep your communications and your partner. Therefore, communication is the key to the success of your relationship. Sending short messages, communicate with video calls, send email, or send a fax you can do.

Occasional visit

If you and your lover are separated only by a city, it would not hurt if you set aside a little time and taking the time to visit. If not, you and your partner both make an appointment for a meeting.

Give surprise

If the visit is not possible, other, more practical steps you can do is gift delivery. Make sure your partner does not know that you will send a gift for him. Surprise is not likely to be a highly desirable partner.

Mutual trust

In the meantime, make sure you and your partner trust each other. Believe it may simply be the strut your relationship. Success or failure of your long-distance relationship depends on mutual trust of course you and your partner.

Share interesting moment

Another step you can do is with a variety of exciting moments with your partner. Just as you vacation with your family or your friends, the moment when the sister celebrates birthday party, celebrating the New Year at home, or so forth.

Reduce the Risks of Getting Acne Scar

acne scarsAmong the skin issues that usually make people look terrible and lose self-confidence is acne scar. Truly, acne could be resolved by utilizing beauty items, fruit goggles, and skin therapies, like microdermabrasion, dermaroller, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Nonetheless, if you could reduce the dangers to getting acne scar you don’t want to do these. How? Do a number of things below:

Use fruit hide often. Microorganisms may mature and acquire quickly on experience. For this, you’ve to completely clean see your face by utilizing fruit hide frequently, so that your acne disappears obviously and you’re free of acne scar. What-if you’ve sensitivity with fruit, use bright dairy or baby mask that’s beneficial to remove dead skin and make skin healthier and better.

Quit squeezing acne. Lots of people like contracting their acne to get rid of acne from their experience. This Can Be powerful to eliminate acne quickly, however you have to find out exactly what the terrible result is. Understand that it’ll simply induce acne and allow you to get acne scar eventually. Your-face will undoubtedly be perforated, so that you look terrible.

Avoid products which contain tea. Products that have tea have the ability to minimize acne quickly. Since acne is going to be perforated and dried sadly, acne scar is triggered by these products. As a result of this, you’re recommended to utilize products that don’t incorporate tea at-all.

In addition, visit Ovela Clinic that also provides suntik putih services if your face is not still free from acne scar. Ideally, by doing these, you may make that person clear of acne scar.

Create Family Room Relaxed

living room dWithout a doubt, you’ll reply living room, if those of your questioned what the favorite room to collect with family is. Since this room would work for paying the majority of spare time as well as precious people obviously, living room may be the correct solution. Sadly, many homeowners don’t therefore it seems poor and dull, look after this space nicely. What about your family room? Could it be comfortable? In the event that you wish to make it cozy and answer no, it’s more straightforward to do many guidelines below:

Last but not least, enhance your living room’s wall by adding mural or wall decal, but also not just dangling offers and family images. You are able to produce a cozy family room, using this method.

Place decorative crops and flowers. Making organic nuance in living-room you and your loved ones can get peace and convenience in your mind. To produce this nuance, simply set ornamental plants and flowers in your family room. If you wish to purchase decorative plants and flowers online but you’re of deciding on the best florists confused, you’re recommended to go to Flower Advisor that offers flowers Singapore delivery services.

Change damaged things with fresh types. Utilizing damaged things to invest spare time together isn’t enjoyable. Your loved ones and you feel miserable and wish to get outside quickly. As a result of this, you’ve to displace damaged things with fresh types. For instance, if your couch collection has already been damaged, purchase fresh one just at reliable furniture shops. Get promotion and discount codes first, if you like to truly save cash.

Is It Hard to Get a UK Scholarship?

UK ScholarshipUK is still the most ideal destination for international students although some of them choose to go to other countries, like Australia, South Korea, Japan, US, Canada, and so on. That’s because UK offers high quality education to generate skilled graduates. As a matter of fact, almost all UK universities are on the top world’s university rankings. Nevertheless, tuition fee becomes an obstacle for international students to study in UK.

One of the best ways to overcome this problem is by applying for a scholarship offered by universities, government, or private organizations. Some sources said that to obtain a UK scholarship is not as easy as it seems. Well, is it really that hard?

Nothing’s impossible as long as you believe and try hard. It is also applicable to the context discussed above. You can win a scholarship if you meet all requirements and follow proper methods.

First of all, you are required to know different types of scholarship in UK. There’s full scholarship that’ll cover your tuition fee as well as your living cost. Besides, you may also find a partial scholarship which is only providing helps for your tuition fee.

Second, you should find a scholarship that is only for specific course. It depends on your interest. For instance, if you love sport and want to take a sport course, it’s more preferable to apply for a specific scholarship because your chance is bigger than the regular scholarship.

Apply for a scholarship as soon as possible and take the test if required. What make it look so hard is because you have to face lots of international students out there who also dream to win a UK scholarship.

What to Do after Being Fired?

It’s unavoidable to be always a civil servant becomes a lot more appealing than private-sector workers. Along with getting the minimum-wage isn’t large enough if advantages, includes a distinct rates, have broad prospects for promotion, and retirement is likely to be assured, preventing layoffs can also be the main reason many people wish to become civil servants.

Fired 3Look for an income opportunity. About The other-hand, you may also make use of the cash to construct company layoffs. Before you begin a business, make sure to locate a promising business and really lucrative for today actually for the near future. Take a look at some profitable company following:

  1. Shop online. Everybody needs anything rapidly and simply. You may also give a means to fix the company by starting an internet shop that provides a number of items.
  2. Property. Everybody will require a location to remain, right? However, not everybody has got the cash to purchase it. Therefore, you may be an answer for this issue. The secret? You can purchase mortgage loans for rent.

Discover other areas of work. Instantly search for another job when you’re let go. Make sure to not contain a couple of programs like whenever your first work. A rising amounts of job applications which you publish the higher your likelihood of obtaining work.

Be inversely proportional if private-sector workers who anytime need certainly to worry if you will find general worker layoffs, we first began the organization in peril. Don’t create a scourge which makes you eager and struggling to cope with existence to layoffs. It’d be better if you do the next helpful and helpful when you’re let go.




Side Job Tips

side jobWe already know that the man was always less with the results that have been obtained, especially in financial matters. Quite often most civil servants or private employees who are looking for additional income beyond his regular salary by way of building a side business.

It is certainly legitimate while they still can handle between the two, why not? However, it is advisable to follow the following tips when building a side business.

  • Choose an easy business. Especially for those who are a private employee is not likely your time from morning to evening is spent in the office only. Therefore, in order not to interfere with your work you should choose a business that is easy to administer. What? Precisely online store. Yeah, you can run this business without having to take a lot of time and capital.
  • Select the appropriate business hobby. Another idea is to choose a business that suits hobbies, abilities, or talents. As well as the culinary business, sewing business, the business of buying and selling paintings, or so forth. In addition to profit, you can get satisfaction by being able to fulfill your hobby.

Take Pictures in Pantai Pasir Putih in Lampung

pantai pasir putihI like taking picture, do you? Taking picture is my hobby since I was a high school student. There are many places that I ever visited and pictures that I ever took. The last destination place in November 2013 that I visited was Lampung. In this city, I took picture in Pantai Pasir Putih. Why? Pantai Pasir Putih in Lampung still looks beautiful and interesting.

Besides, this tourism place has soft sand and clear water. I was so happy when taking picture there because I visited it for the first time. Pantai Pasir Putih is a favorite beach, so there are many tourists there. Anyway, I took many pictures with various subjects, like foreign and domestic tourists, sunset, beach, and local fishermen.

I plan to go to Pantai Pasir Putih in 2014 together with my spouse. I hope she will be surprised and amazed of this beautiful beach. I also plan to take some of her pictures there.

Alasan Beli Tas Murah

tas murahBanyak wanita yang memutuskan untuk membeli tas murah. Apa alasan mereka?

Pertama, mereka membeli tas murah karena alasan keuangan. Yuph, mereka tak punya cukup uang untuk membeli yang mahal atau branded.

Kedua, beberapa wanita membeli tas murah karena mereka tahu tas bukan fashion utama. Yang merupakan kebutuhan utama adalah pakaian sehingga mereka lebih fokus ke fashion yang satu itu.

Ketiga, ada beberapa wanita yang berpendapat bahwa barang yang murah belum tentu tidak berkualitas. Untuk ini, mereka memang membeli tas murah, namun mereka mengecek terlebih dahulu tas yang akan mereka beli benar-benar, seperti mereka mengecek bahannya, bagian retseliting, dan jahitan pangkal tali. Bukan tidak mungkin, dengan harga 50 ribu atau 100 ribu mereka bisa mendapatkan tas yang awet dan cantik.

Ketiga, mereka beli tas murah melalui diskon. Yuph, hal ini berarti mereka tidak membeli tas murah, bukan? Namun, mereka sedang beruntung, mendapatkan tas yang siapa tahu branded dengan murah karena diskon.

Man that Attracts Woman

pria yang disukai wanitaIn fact, the woman is a figure that more voters than men. Given that voters, not imaginary we find many women are willing to own up even a dozen years until he breathed his last breath. By the way, what women are looking for men of her dreams? Quoted from several sources, here was a man who liked women:

Settle. Is settle one of the criteria rank first occupied as a man who liked women. The assumption, as established male courtship can provide any desired by her partner while he was married at the time to give life and well-being, especially in financial matters. Generally, a well-established image of a man can be reflected in his luxury car and a job.

Handsome. In addition to well-established, the second criterion is generally desirable woman is a handsome man. Again, these chosen or desirable for any reason, what? Yeah, handsome men do not make women feel embarrassed to invite or led her to public places like to party, but it took a handsome man could also boost the prestige.

Choosing the Right Hotel in Lombok

At this moment, there are a lot of hotels in Lombok, such as: Tir Na Nog Hotel, Lombok Plaza Hotel, Hotel Santika Mataram, Puri Saron Hotel Senggigi, Graha Senggigi Hotel, Manta Dive Gili Hotel, Grand Legi Hotel, Aerotel Mandalika Hotel, and much more. If you want to go on vacation to Lombok, you have to choose the right hotel.

hotel di gili fTo help you do it, follow several tips below:

Pay attention to hotel’s location. Look where hotel’s location is. If you want to hotel that is easy to access, choose hotel that is located in downtown. In contrast, if you want to get silent and peace nuance, look for hotel that is located in suburban area.

Check room rate. The better hotel that you choose the more money that you have to spend. Therefore, before booking a hotel, check room rate. Don’t let emotion and prestige take over your mind, so you book expensive hotel. Match with your vacation budgets.

Bisnis Tambang Batubara

Bisnis Tambang BatubaraBisnis tambang batubara bisa dikatakan sebagai salah satu bisnis yang sangat menjanjikan. Dapat dibuktikan dengan banyaknya artis yang kepincut dengan bisnis batubara ini, seperti yang dilansir pada Viva.  Di sana disebutkan bahwa sejumlah artis yang yakin bahwa bisnis batubara adalah investasi menguntungkan adalah Jane Shalimar, Julia Perez, Yuni Shara, dan lainnya.

Bisnis batubara kini semakin digelungi oleh kaum selebriti dan banyak investor lainnya karena permintaannya yang sangat tinggi. Di samping itu, harga batubara juga masih tinggi untuk saat ini. Nah, bagaimanakah dengan Anda? Ada yang juga tertarik untuk memulai bisnis tambang batubara? Tentu tidak semudah membalikkan telapak tangan.

Meski cukup dengan hanya modal uang dan memperoleh izin dari pemerintah, ada banyak hal yang harus Anda perhatikan dan persiapkan. Dampaknya terhadap lingkungan juga tidak dapat dihindari karena ini bisa mengakibatkan polusi atau pencemaran.

Ada banyak ketentuan yang harus diperhatikan dalam bisnis pertambangan batubara seperti yang diatur dalam UU No. 11 Tahun 1967. Dan juga, Anda perlu mempertimbangkan angkutan tambang seperti kapal tongkang. Temukan informasinya lebih lanjut di